Aviation Campus

Your specialized aviation training centre
in the Canary Islands

If your dream is to work in the aviation field, either as a Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Flight Attendant, you have landed in the right place. Brok-air and Canavia join forces to offer you the widest range of training and unique facilities, all in the privileged environment of the Canary Islands.

You can find our campus in key locations on the Islands, offering you not only a high-level training, but also the possibility to live an unforgettable experience during the course.

With unbeatable weather conditions in Europe, future pilots will be able to make the most of their training, enjoying the 4,800 hours of daylight through out a year in the Canary Islands, the place with the most hours of daylight in Europe.

Discover our courses

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Brok-air Aviation Academy offers the official EASA Basic Training Course to obtain the necessary Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) for Category B1.1.

Cabin Crew

If your dream is to become a flight attendant, we offer you the official course authorized by AESA, approved and adapted to the requirements of Regulation 290/2012 (EU).

ATPL: Airline Transport Pilot License

Achieving your goal of becoming an Airline Pilot with Canavia is possible in just 15 months! You will receive the finest training in an aviation-focused environment.

Cabin Crew + ATPL

In order to provide career oportunities in the aviation industry and in response to the demands and needs of airlines, we have developed this dual qualification.